About Us

Janet Conroy Kratz has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to founding her investment consultation practice, Kratz was a fully registered broker with Kidder, Peabody & Company. Her introduction into the industry was with Connecticut General Life Insurance Company where she implemented employee benefit plan programs. Janet Conroy Kratz has sat on both sides of the desk, understanding complex investment products and how they are sold. Today she uses that knowledge and experience, providing clients with sound investment advice that is consistent with their specific needs and objectives.

Founded in 1985 Janco Investment Counsel maintains a limited client base. While we handle accounts of any size, through an in-depth interview, we determine if Janco is the right fit for each individual’s needs and objectives. Our clients come from all walks of life and their knowledge and experience of investing varies as well. What they share is a desire to reach an objective and an understanding that their needs require more personal service than a broker can provide. Janco emphasizes an approach that limits risk and is focused on the end goal.


Janco provides a wide range of investment advisory services as broad as the needs of our clients. We manage client portfolios on both a discretionary and non-discretionary basis so we can tailor our relationship to your preferences. Our services extend to individuals, corporations, retirement plans and trusts on both an on-going and one-time review basis. Clients who wish to remain an integral part of decision-making can do so. Alternatively, for clients who prefer a more hands-off approach Janco will draw up an investment objective statement and manage your assets in strict accordance to these instructions. Janco is structured to work directly with you or through your attorney, accountant or other professional advisor.

You work hard to build a financially secure lifestyle. Managing that wealth takes time and attention. Janco provides a thoughtful process to help guide you through the planning and decision-making that is needed to be successful.


Once decisions are made in regard to the purchase or sale of securities, you may specify that the trades be handled through your broker. Or if you do not have a broker, we can recommend a firm that can handle the details of the transaction. Our fees are based as a percentage of the dollar value of the portfolio under management. Assets of closely associated, or family accounts, may be aggregated at a lower rate.