Janco Personal Investment Consultation

Identify Financial Issues and Set Goals

We begin with an in-depth interview to gain an understanding of your particular needs. Together we review all aspects of your financial life and analyze your current situation and set goals. An asset allocation analysis is a key component of this process.

Develop Financial Strategies

We set an action plan that is consistent with your individual objectives and your needs.


We provide detailed recommendations to you, based on sound investment principles. Janco helps you select investments that best suit your needs and risk tolerance.

Monitor Results

Portfolio management is an ongoing process that takes into account the changing economic environment and changes in your life and your goals. We will meet on a regular basis to review your plan and ensure that your investment strategies continue to meet your needs.

Janco’s Knowledge of the Markets

Understanding how to interpret market information and whether or how you should act on it is difficult to do alone. Janco Investment Counsel helps sort through the vast amount of financial data and investment choices in today’s market. We continually review corporate, industrial and economic research reports and other publications to assure ourselves and you, of valid and unbiased evaluation of investment possibilities. Janco filters conflicting information and evaluates it in context to your plan. We stand between you and the market, work with you and for you.

Janet Conroy Kratz, Janco Investment Counsel, LLC is a registered investment advisor with the State of Wisconsin in accordance with the Investment Advisors Act of 1940.